Sunday, October 02, 2005

tension woes

I put my USMP aside for a short time and now that I'm back, it seems that my tension is slightly different--and it's caused a noticeable 'line' where I picked it back up. I even took out everything I'd done to try again, but I just caused a new line in a new spot. Very frustrating, and hoping that blocking will fix it. I'm now hyperaware of my tension, and that's no good either.

I also had some confusion with the armhole shaping. Confusion is the wrong word--I just must have missed the bind offs for one of the sides, so they were off from each other. So it's just as well that I took it out, because I've fixed that and things are moving along just fine. I blogged about it earlier today, but don't say much of anything different.

Mostly I'm now looking forward to one of the balls of yarn ending, because I just learned about that felting join and I'm dying to try it out!


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