Monday, September 26, 2005

How is everyone doing?

Hello everyone!

I'm just curious how everyone is coming along? I just passed the point at split from the front and back body last night.

This is my first sweater in the round and I like it! I really don't mind seaming, but it's nice to have the fronts and backs finished at the same time, and it's nice to just cruise along in st st. The small gauge needles really are not as bad as I feared.

For you people who have finished, I think you have been cross bred with knitting machines somewhere in your family tree! ;)


  • Sadly I'm still spinning my yarn. Who knows when I'll finally start.

    By Blogger Jessica, at 3:40 PM  

  • I totally slacked off on mine! I am planning to modify the front of the pattern and I've been lazy/intimidated, so I've been making socks instead.

    Nevertheless, this morning I vowed to get back on track. I'm hoping to get to the split tonight and maybe even start my funky new neckline before bed.

    By Blogger MeBeth, at 7:26 PM  

  • Hi Deb -

    How can I go about joining this? I bought my alpaca and started today, and then thought to go a-searching for finished versions and found you guys and the gorgeous USMPs you're all making.

    My blog's at seeeunnyknit.blogspot.com; just let me know there or email me!


    By Blogger eunny, at 11:16 PM  

  • I'm also just past the split for front and back. And then I checked the number of stitches, and somehow am off from front to back. I think it's because I want to do the front and back simultaneously, and I might have gotten confused. Eh, I'll figure it out! But I was watching The Amazing Race, and I discovered that I canNOT knit during that show. Must. Watch. Every. Second.

    By Blogger Mintyfresh, at 7:42 AM  

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