Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sleeve issues

I've finished my bodice and I think that it turned out nice. (It's splotchy looking because I was blocking it).

I've been getting gauge with the Cashsoft 4ply and I love knitting with it. It's super soft and easy on the hands. I want to find buttons this week so I can properly try it on.

I started my first sleeve this weekend and about halfway through the CC cuff I realized that it would be too big. I didn't really pay attention to the measurements and I thought the sleeve looked nice on the model. So I decided to cast on 72 stitches instead of 92, did 4 sets of decreases through the cuff instead of 5, and I'll be increasing up to 74 stitches for the sleeve cap (which is what the directions call for). Here's the beginning of my sleeve.

I know it looks funny and I didn't have the same gauge for the CC cuff. I'm hoping a good blocking will help things. If I don't like the cuff by then, I think I'll take the cuff off and knit a plain cuff instead.

My plan is to have the sweater finished by the end of next week - let's hope that happens!


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