Monday, August 15, 2005

...and the frustration mounts...

I just posted some progress pics on my blog - Knits-N-Purrs (scroll down to the bottom of my 08.15.05 post). I have finally completed the body, although my row gauge was off, so I have fewer rows than required. That means 6 less stitches in the front than the pattern called for. I've started the sleeve. This is my second attempt. For my first attempt, I used size 4 needles (like in the body) but the bell shaping was HUGE so I have switched to size 3 needles. I'll see how that turns out. My big worry is getting the sleeve to fit into the shoulder. Because I have less rows than called for I think the shoulder shaping on the sleeves may be a bit tricky. Needless to say, I am feeling very frustrated right now. I am even seriously thinking of ripping the WHOLE thing out and starting over - although the thought of redoing the body cast on is not a welcoming thought. Maybe I'll just rip out and start something totally different. I'm not quite there yet, thankfully. I'll trudge along on the sleeve & just hope for the best. If I can't get the sleeve to set properly on the body, then maybe it will be a trip to the frog pond...


  • My row gauge is off too, I figured I'd just throw a few extra in now and then to make up for it.

    By Blogger Sherry W, at 4:28 PM  

  • It's looking beautiful, though--I love the blues you chose. My row gauge is completely different (not surprising, I know), so before I get to the armholes and all the short rows and all, I have to sit down with my pattern, my sweater, my tape measure, and my calculator and figure out exactly WHAT I need to do to make everything come out right! Hang in there--you're making better progress than I am!

    By Blogger --Deb, at 5:57 PM  

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