Monday, July 18, 2005

Take Two

So . . . I tried starting my sweater this weekend. Knowing my gauge was a little big (ahem), I cast on the 226 stitches called for the smallest size sweater, hoping they would come out about right . . . Um . . . Not so much! Huge! So . . . frogged the several rows I'd knitted . . . managed to salvage the cast-on row so as not to have to mess with the crochet chain again. (I opted, obviously, for the crochet-cast on rather than the "invisible" one.) Tonight, I'll pull out the calculator and start crunching numbers for what I really need. The trick will be that I'm not going to know my row gauge until I've knitted a couple inches, and that will affect some of the shaping. (Because, apparently, my gauge swatch was useless--the gauge I was getting from knitting in the round was different than the swatch, anyway, so I can't trust that for row-gauge, either.) Oh well. All part of the fun, right? At least the colors are nice....


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