Friday, July 29, 2005

Finally...Some Progress

Well, I'm finally past the hem of my sweater. Woo hoo! I got to knit two, whole rows in my main color last night. SO exciting, as I'm sure you can all imagine. I also spent some time with my calculator, trying to figure out the numbers for various parts of the sweater--since, as you may have noticed, my gauge is completely off the chart in terms of the pattern. (For a 37.5" sweater, I've got 170 stitches. In Fingering-weight yarn.) The tricky part is going to be figuring out the row gauge so I can make the adjustments needed for all the short-row shaping further up the sweater. I definitely won't be ending up with the same number of rows as Kate put into the pattern, and if I want the back and front to match at the shoulders . . . I'm going to have to do some finagling to get it all to work. But first, I need a decent size amount of stockinette stitch so that I can actually calculate the row gauge, since my swatch is completely worthless to me (grin). Still . . . progress is finally being made!


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