Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pattern Clarification please!

I'm making good progress on this. I am up to the shaping of the left front V neck (instructions at the bottom of pg. 42) and I'm a bit confused. I am working the 2nd size, the pattern calls for you to continue with the front neck increases every 4th row whilst working the short rows. Because in working the short rows you are only working one side (i.e. left front as stated) you only do 1 increase (the M1L) every 4 rows instead of 2 increases. Thus at the end of the first 19 short rows when it tells you to stop working the increases you have 138 sts. on your needles by my calculation. Yet the pattern states that you should have 143 sts (the 5 extra being the M1R increases that surely will be worked when doing the right front V neck.

Am I to proceed as I have understood and does the pattern mean that after completing both the left front and the right front V neck you will have 143 sts or have a completely misunderstood something?

Appreciate any clarifiacation.


  • Andrea -

    That's exactly how I interpreted it. The stitch count given is the number of stitches you would have after completing BOTH sides.

    By Blogger Tammy, at 9:57 PM  

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