Tuesday, July 19, 2005


My name is Nadezjda and I' am also new to the KAL (also my first). I live in Amsterdam, which always gives me limited yarn options (We've got one good store which sells mostly Rowan yarns). At the store they had some Jeager alpaca with a similar gauge as the pattern, but I found it quite expensive (8 euros) and maybe a little bit too warm. Since the sweater looks so nice and fitted I thought it would be better too choose a somewhat less warm yarn to make it more wearable year round. I saw that a lot of you went for the Rowan cashsoft, I went for the cashcotton which is really soft and even slightly fuzzy. As a contrast colour I chose a light blue and for the main body a colour called sea foam (and that's kinda how it looks).
I had a lot of problems with the invisible cast on (not the gauge thank god!) and I eventually cast on as I would normally would with the waste yarn over my thumb and my other yarn over my index finger. It did work and I do have a nice border, but it took me ages to unpick the stitches. I will try to post some pictures when I find my camera's software (one of the things I probably misplaced moving) .
I love seeing all the progress you guys are making and the different colourways in which you are making it.


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